(D.LGS. 30/6/2003, No. 196, ART. 13)

Using this website the user acknowledges and accepts the procedures as described in this  Privacy Policy information.The brand Liviana Conti is owned by Abraham Industries S.r.l. and on the latter’s behalf it is sold on-line on the website

Reasons For This Information

This Privacy Policy information is made pursuant to art. 13 of the D.Lgs. n. 196/2003 for the benefit of the users of the web services of the brand Liviana Conti, on the website, as well as to the customers of the retail stores which distribute the products of the brand Liviana Conti where the said customers consent to the use of their personal data.To access the website it is not necessary to make any registration. However, there are some sections of the website where it is necessary to register and to create a username and a password (e.g., to complete a purchase on-line), or some services which entail to provide personal data (as an example personal data may be requested to access the newsletter services, to contact us, etc.).

The Holder Of The Right To Data Processing

After the consultation of this website, data processing about identified or identifiable persons may occur.The holder of the right to data processing is Abraham Industries S.r.l., headquartered in via Fosse Incrociate no. 284, Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN), Italy.Please note that the registration to the website, or otherwise the communication of personal data to one of the retail stores which distribute the products of the brand Liviana Conti will be valid and effective also for the other brands connected to Abraham Industries S.r.l. (Semicouture, Erika Cavallini, Circus Hotel and Francesca Piccini), as well as for the contractors of the on-line sales services.

Location Of Data Processing

Data processing related to the on-line services of this website are located at the said headquarter in via Fosse Incrociate no. 284, Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN), Italy, and are processed only by the Abraham Industries technical staff, or by potential personnel randomly appointed by Abraham Industries to the maintenance services.

Processing Method

Personal data are processed by automated equipment no longer than necessary for the purposes they have been processed to.

At the retail stores which distribute the products of the brand Liviana Conti personal data may be processed also in paper form, with consequent transposition on IT platform.

Particular security measures are used to prevent data loss, illegal or incorrect use and unauthorised access.

Please note that this website, in the on-line sales section and for the whole purchase procedure, uses the web services provided by, to whom therefore the users’ data are simultaneously communicated to and processed accordingly and in accordance with this privacy policy information.

Personal data are processed differently depending on the purposes the user himself decides they can be collected for.

Indeed on this website there are two modes of data collection, characterized by as many methods of data processing:

a) newsletter

The user registers his/her e-mail address only to receive all the updates and the news (trading initiatives, prize contests and awards, opening of new retail stores, on-line and retail stores sales promotion, etc.) related to the brand Liviana Conti and the other brands connected to Abraham Industries S.r.l. (Semicouture, Erika Cavallini, Circus Hotel and Francesca Piccini).

b) registered user

Communicating the user’s personal data can be made on-line on this website through specific data entry windows, or at the retail stores in paper form. Registered user’s personal data will be processed also for profiling purposes as well as for the transmission, if expressly requested, of newsletter, announcement of trading initiatives and promotions, marketing and every other sales or trade promotion and events invitations, both in paper form or by e-mail.

User’s data, included the ones used for profiling purposes, may be shared also with delivery companies, phone companies, publishing companies, advertising agencies, companies specialized in market analysis and/or market research, service companies for the management of promotions, including prize contests and/or awards, other retail stores, also on-line, department stores distributing the products of the brand Liviana Conti, agents and consultants and to the suppliers of the purchased products.

Data collected for profiling and/or marketing purposes will be stored for a period of time no longer than, respectively, 12 and 24 months from their registration for the said purposes. After expiry of the storage time, such personal data, communication of which is not mandatory, will be automatically deleted, or rendered permanently anonymous, while obligatory data will be no longer used for profiling and/or marketing purposes.

The registered user, after logging in with his/her credentials, will be allowed to purchase the products on-line. In this case personal data will be also processed to allow the online transaction and to manage it in all its phases, starting from management of the order up to delivery of the product. In that context, therefore, the data processing and data use mean that they shall be communicated to those persons appointed by Abraham Industries for the handling and execution of the order who, nevertheless, won’t be able to use/process them for different purposes.

Particularly data processing during the on-line purchase is necessary to fulfil the orders and the other relating activities, to handle the payment procedure, included the fraud control system in case of credit cards payments. The user’s data that are registered during the purchase process (name, surname, address, credit card number, delivery address if different than the billing one) will be sent to the supervisor of the fraud control system of Abraham Industries S.r.l., headquarter in via Fosse Incrociate no. 284, Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN), Italy, that will process them exclusively for that purpose.

Abraham Industries avails itself also of other companies to carry out the activities for fulfilling the orders and delivery of the purchased products. Data will be communicated to such subsuppliers exclusively for carrying out their assignments.  

Please note that in some cases it is mandatory by law to communicate the collected data to third parties; in those cases, data will be made available for third parties who will process them independently and exclusively for such purposes (e.g., in case of requests made by law enforcement or by judicial or other competent bodies).  

Types Of Data Processed

a) Browser Data

IT systems and the software procedures used for the operations of this website collect, during the normal use, some personal data whose transmission is needed for the use of the internet communication protocols.Such information is not associated with specific identified persons, but by their own nature, through elaborations and associations with data collected by third parties, they may allow to identify a specific user.This category of data covers: IP addresses or Internet Domain names of the computers of the users that are browsing the website, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) notation addresses of the requested resources, request time, the method requested by the server, the dimension of the reply file, the code number specified in the reply by the server (successful conclusion, error, etc.) and other parameters related to the user’s operating or IT system.These data are processed exclusively for statistical purposes in order to obtain anonymous information on the website use and to check the proper functioning and are deleted right after the said elaboration.

b) Voluntarily provided user’s information

Discretionary, explicit and voluntary submission of the e-mail addresses indicated on this website implicate the subsequent acquisition of the sender's IP address, that is necessary to respond to requests, as well as the other potential personal data inserted into the request.

Rights Of Those Whose Data Are Processed

The persons to whom the collected data refer have the right to obtain at any time the confirmation as to whether or not said data exist and to know the respective content and origin, to verify their accuracy or to ask for their integration or updating, or their rectification pursuant to article n. 7 of the D.Lgs. n. 196/2003.The requests must be made to Abraham Industries S.r.l., headquartered in via Fosse Incrociate no. 284, Santarcangelo di Romagna (RN), Italy.

Applicable Law

This privacy policy information is governed by Italian Law and in particular by the Code concerning the protection of personal data (D.Lgs. n. 196/2003), governing the processing of personal data, even if held abroad, carried out by anyone resident or headquartered in Italy.

Cookie Policy

Pursuant to Provision no. 229 of the Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali dated May 8th, 2014, as well as pursuant to D.Lgs. no. 69 and 70 of May 28th, 2012, provides the following information about cookies, their functions and how to eventually disenable them. 

What are the cookies
Cookies are small text files that the websites visited by the users send and register on users’ personal computers or any other device, also mobile, and which are subsequently resent to the said websites at the time of the next visit. Cookies are used for different purposes: for example, to remember the actions and preferences of the users (e.g. login data, the chosen language, type dimension, other visualisation set-ups, etc.) so that the users do not have to set them up again when they visit the said websites or when they browse from a page to another of the same website; or to perform IT authentications, sessions monitoring and saving  information related to the activity of the users who access a website and which may contain an identification code which allows to track users’ navigation through the same website for statistical or marketing purposes. Cookies can be sent by, or by other and different websites too (so called “third parties cookie"). Some operations cannot be performed without using cookies, which in some cases are therefore technically necessary for the proper functioning of the website.

Variety of cookies used by the website and their functions
There are different kinds of cookies, depending on their characteristics and functions:

Technical cookies, used for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication on an electronic communications network, or only to the extent strictly necessary to provide a service explicitly requested by the user. In other words, this kind of cookies is essential for the proper functioning of or necessary to perform the activities requested by the users. This kind of cookies is used on our website;
Navigation or session cookies, used for logging in the restricted area of or to perform a purchase on our website. This kind of cookies is used on our website;
cookies analytics, used to collect information, in aggregated form, on the number of users of and of the page views (for example Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Mailchimp. Please refer to the specific related policies which can periodically change and therefore it is recommended to consult them from time to time, where it is possible to find more detailed information:;; This kind of cookies is used on our website;

Functionality cookies, which enable a better navigation through by saving parameters and options already selected (e.g. the chosen language, so that it is not necessary to select that option at each access or the chosen products to purchase, so that they stay saved in the virtual shopping chart until the next access to the website). This kind of cookies is used on our website;
Third parties cookies, used by partners, for the purpose to show marketing banners of the brand Liviana Conti when users browse other websites, displaying the last products watched on During the navigation on, these cookies are used also to show interesting related products or similar to those which have been previously watched, on the basis of the users’ browsing history. Using these cookies does not imply personal data processing, but it can allow the connection to users’ computers or other devices and to track down the saved data: these cookies connect to the browser installed on users’ computers or other devices used during the navigation on This kind of cookies is used on our website. The social icons used on allow the social networks which the icon belongs to to acquire data related to the visit. By using the said icons, therefore third party cookies are installed, also for profiling purposes; anyhow does not share any navigation information or users’ data acquired through its website with the social networks accessible by the Social icons;
Profiling cookies, for creating profiles related to the users and used to send advertising messages in line with their preferences set up during on line navigation. On our website there are only third party cookies which process users’ data exclusively on an aggregated level. The following links to privacy policies and the related consent forms of the third parties, which may periodically change and which it is therefore recommended to consult from time to time, show more detailed information: 

All kinds of cookies described above can be stored in users’computers or mobile devices for different periods of time, depending on their performed functions.Cookie saved on users’ computer or mobile devices cannot be used to collect any data from their hard disk, to transfer computer virus, to identify and to use the e-mail addresses of the users, nor for purposes different from the above mentioned ones.

How to modify cookies computer set-ups

Users can set up and manage their preferences related to cookies at any time, by selecting which cookies to use, block or delete, in whole or in part, by their browser set-ups (i.e. the software used for navigation).

Below the way forward to manage cookies in the following browsers:

Internet Explorer: 




For disenabling analytics cookies and to prevent Google Analytics from collecting data about users’ navigation, please download the browser extension to disable Google Analytics:

We will save users’ preferences about cookies by using a specific technical cookie with the functions specified above.  

We inform that to block or delete, in whole or in part: 

Technical cookies: it may imply the impossibility to browse our website, to view its contents and to use the related services; 

Functionality cookies: it may imply that some services or specific functions of our website will not be available or will not work properly, forcing the users to manually modify o insert some data or preferences every time they will visit the website;

Other cookies used (analytics and profiling) will not affect the functioning of the website.